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The hotel industry is a vital mechanism that to properly function needs that all its components should be healthy and fully active. But, taking into consideration the economic difficulties the world economy is facing nowadays, the hospitality industry hasn’t been left intact, meaning that proper management is confronted with a lot of challenges. There is a range of issues to be maintained under control; starting from financial management to human resources, sales and up to administrative issues. From different interviews and surveys of various actors in this market, it seems that these tasks do become especially difficult when trying to manage them only with the independent hotel internal staff.
Instead, reviews and surveys do show that hiring a hotel marketing and consulting company solves all these problems. It seems that external companies help you grow not only in the home country but also help you to tap global or new markets invariably. They help you to create uniqueness in your work leading to quick recognition and a well knitted customer base. The right kind of attractions near Mumbai and Pune locations specifically with relevant social media coverage in these places will help the independent hotel to grow invariably.
We have settled a list of five common reasons expressed from these researches that prove that hiring a hotel marketing and consulting company will help you grow your business and acquire new markets:
  1. Hotels Marketing and Consulting companies are always showing in a drive for ideas. They try to help in sustaining the hotel industry by providing uniqueness to your independent hotels, that others may not deliver in the market segment.
  2. Maintaining customer relations is a priority for any industry and outsourcing this bit to a marketing and consulting company is a healthy deal. They prepare particular lists of data, which is well researched. This data helps them to reach customers in the home country as well as globally.
  3. Also, research shows that marketing and consulting company takes care of all the online and offline promotion modes. From choosing technology, digital marketing, brands identity and creatives, marketing services and advertisement, reaching new avenues and tapping Mumbai and Pune markets, they take it all. There well organised structure helps you to reach the zenith of hospitality.
  4. These marketing and consulting companies keep a record of all the major locations in nearby Mumbai and Pune where the independent hotels can expand their business with premium revenue.
  5. Apart from the above features, marketing and consulting companies are considered as well as a help in maintaining good credit scores and developing long term customer base. This enhances the goodwill of the independent hotels.
From different professional reports and vivid actors as well, developing and sustaining in the hotel industry is no cake walk. However, it looks like these marketing and consulting companies make a maximum of their efforts to bring such hotels at the top of the review lists.
Common opinion of the experts in the hospitality industry is that the major reasons for the outperformance of independent hotels by outsourcing marketing and consulting companies are:
  • More personalised and customer-oriented approach.
  • Additional efforts to create unique and specific to consumer’s need.
  • Minimal cost and maximum revenue generation capacity as they are managed independently.
  • Zeal to tap new markets as they concentrate on personalization of services.
  • The marketing and consulting companies provide an original, innovative idea to enter the new market zone so as to enhance the regional growth overall.

Currently, the scope of independent hotels is much better established than the chain of hotels. The zeal to tap new markets is not confined to luxury hotels but also to the low budgeted hotels. The external marketing and consulting companies prepare a definitive plan of action that helps the independent hotel, whether low or budgeted or luxury to make the maximum by infusing minimal costs. 

Rahul Verma @ ROOHI

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