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Basing on deep analysis and research, it has been shown that it does not need a lot of effort to understand the challenging amount of difficulties an independent hotel experience while trying to boost its sales. This issue does not come alone, since there are other components contributing to it, such as:
  • Customers Segmentation based on their profile – Can one independent hotel understand and accurately segment the guests’ profile?
  • Customer needs and satisfaction – Can they possess all necessary tools to survey and drew up results in terms of custom satisfaction level?
  • Costs versus revenues – Do they qualify in terms of financial management?
  • Channels of communication – How can an independent hotel market itself through different communication channels? Should a PR get hired? What would be the related costs and revenue on investment balance in terms of marketing expenses?
There are a lot of other challenges to be added to the list when you run an independent hotel that might be possibly working with your own staff and cannot add any more value to the hotel from the outside environment. From our wide research on the area there have been observations that being independent means being limited to the locale profile you are settled in, but in the meantime, it appears that it is commonly accepted that limitation is not doing any good to the hospitality business. As per experienced researches results, differentiation stands just into the “Value added services and Products”.
What does it mean to maintain an approach of collaboration with an outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy provider? - Upon our accurate observations, there seem to be no doubts; the representation and consultancy approach would answer and provide a solution to the majority of the questions listed at the very beginning of this blog.
An outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy provider is being considered as an experienced help that supports the expansion of the independent hotel sales force in order to acquire maximum potential, not only locally but as well on a countrywide basis. This expansion possibility and enhancement is sustained by the powerful strategies of an outsourced sales and marketing solution provider. Hospitality market in Mumbai and Pune contributes maximum share, yet is at cut throat competition as it is. Hospitality business entrepreneurs are expected to step out of their horizon and seek help from an outsourced companies and consultancy that is experienced in this area and as per our case studies, will help them in boosting sales.
Another strength evaluated is the fact that through its network of influence and connections, the outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy provider would achieve the top customers that cannot be reached through hotel’s own human resources and sales staff. This would mean the establishment of a proper balance of revenue regarding returns on the investment.
Working with an outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy professional must probably involve gaining from their mindset, acquired from previous experiences in the same area of expertise, but with different brands and cultures. It would mean avoiding extra expense on traveling for knowledge sharing that still wouldn’t be enough taking into consideration that it would be a single person experience. It has been shown in different articles from related professionals of this area that the dedicated team of an outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy provider would bring outside successful histories in your market and sales plan.
We have been looking for similar experiences throughout this specific industry portals and representatives experience sharing and the main results achieved success stories. Practically, once bringing it all together just by listing the benefits: sales, marketing, the sphere of influence and revenue; the positive impact and wide-open insight an outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy provider delivers to the independent hotel entrepreneur and its management is remarkable.

Rahul Verma @ ROOHI


The hotel industry is a vital mechanism that to properly function needs that all its components should be healthy and fully active. But, taking into consideration the economic difficulties the world economy is facing nowadays, the hospitality industry hasn’t been left intact, meaning that proper management is confronted with a lot of challenges. There is a range of issues to be maintained under control; starting from financial management to human resources, sales and up to administrative issues. From different interviews and surveys of various actors in this market, it seems that these tasks do become especially difficult when trying to manage them only with the independent hotel internal staff.
Instead, reviews and surveys do show that hiring a hotel marketing and consulting company solves all these problems. It seems that external companies help you grow not only in the home country but also help you to tap global or new markets invariably. They help you to create uniqueness in your work leading to quick recognition and a well knitted customer base. The right kind of attractions near Mumbai and Pune locations specifically with relevant social media coverage in these places will help the independent hotel to grow invariably.
We have settled a list of five common reasons expressed from these researches that prove that hiring a hotel marketing and consulting company will help you grow your business and acquire new markets:
  1. Hotels Marketing and Consulting companies are always showing in a drive for ideas. They try to help in sustaining the hotel industry by providing uniqueness to your independent hotels, that others may not deliver in the market segment.
  2. Maintaining customer relations is a priority for any industry and outsourcing this bit to a marketing and consulting company is a healthy deal. They prepare particular lists of data, which is well researched. This data helps them to reach customers in the home country as well as globally.
  3. Also, research shows that marketing and consulting company takes care of all the online and offline promotion modes. From choosing technology, digital marketing, brands identity and creatives, marketing services and advertisement, reaching new avenues and tapping Mumbai and Pune markets, they take it all. There well organised structure helps you to reach the zenith of hospitality.
  4. These marketing and consulting companies keep a record of all the major locations in nearby Mumbai and Pune where the independent hotels can expand their business with premium revenue.
  5. Apart from the above features, marketing and consulting companies are considered as well as a help in maintaining good credit scores and developing long term customer base. This enhances the goodwill of the independent hotels.
From different professional reports and vivid actors as well, developing and sustaining in the hotel industry is no cake walk. However, it looks like these marketing and consulting companies make a maximum of their efforts to bring such hotels at the top of the review lists.
Common opinion of the experts in the hospitality industry is that the major reasons for the outperformance of independent hotels by outsourcing marketing and consulting companies are:
  • More personalised and customer-oriented approach.
  • Additional efforts to create unique and specific to consumer’s need.
  • Minimal cost and maximum revenue generation capacity as they are managed independently.
  • Zeal to tap new markets as they concentrate on personalization of services.
  • The marketing and consulting companies provide an original, innovative idea to enter the new market zone so as to enhance the regional growth overall.

Currently, the scope of independent hotels is much better established than the chain of hotels. The zeal to tap new markets is not confined to luxury hotels but also to the low budgeted hotels. The external marketing and consulting companies prepare a definitive plan of action that helps the independent hotel, whether low or budgeted or luxury to make the maximum by infusing minimal costs. 

Rahul Verma @ ROOHI


If just by glancing to the hospitality business market around, it can be noticed that there is a certain amount of lack in terms of representation. The hospitality business is not yet properly seen as a product to be marketed and sold. It seems as if the local independent hotels are not yet able to accept the idea that visitors aren’t willing to search and claim, it appears that they would rather prefer receiving offers from experienced professionals.
It has been studied the impact of proper sales representation and its impact on the revenues generally speaking. And, yes, it resulted that there is a strong connection between these two components of revenue management. But, are the independent hotel sales human resources equipped with proper techniques of driving sales towards the best revenue management?
From different researches developed in the area, external companies who provide marketing and consulting services play a vital role in the current competitive scenario. Such companies with their innovative strategies in the sales and marketing representations of independent hotels enhance the revenue generation methodology in an organised and well projected manner.
If we turn to history, over the years many independent hotels have outsourced the revenue building tools, techniques and management to other external companies to bring dynamism in the workings of the business. The most important factor that keeps any business lubricated is finance or revenue. The external marketing and sales management companies seem to understand the need for enhancement of revenue opportunities. Their well-trained team of experts assist you to reach the zenith of success by cutting down the competition by maintaining sync between the cost-benefit analyses.
These external companies follow the simple mantra- “Innovation is the mother of invention”, they try to bring the specialised, innovative revenue generating tools in your business of independent hotels to upgrade the sales and marketing strategies to the maximum level.
By analysing their general organisational structure, it seems that these external companies carry a team of experts who will assist their clients in designing sales and marketing strategies with their expertise in the Hospitality industry. Further, the process of revenue generation mechanism is revised periodically with exclusive mechanisms to analyse the credibility of the existing structure with the new structure introduced. Post which, suitable improvements on the structure are taken care of.
User experience shows that professionally trained team of experts make every attempt to guide the clients’ in the best possible manner to raise their financial projections. It will assist them in minimising expenses so as to raise the financial avenues.
From economical articles and reports, we notice that hospitality industry around and in Mumbai/Pune is very competitive. To stay in the competition and to improve your sales entrepreneurs must have the best marketing team working for them. The external/outsourcing sales representation companies work with an idea of revenue strategy at an initial level on the one hand, and a dynamic make-over of the revenue generating tools on the other hand. They help to shape the revenue strategies to combat the national as well as international competitive challenges in the minimal span of projected time.
The general services provided by such external / outsourcing companies under sales and marketing services fall broadly into the following categories as per our wide observations:
  • Sales and Marketing Management Techniques
  • Sales representations & Marketing management and Services
  • Regional Sales
  • Generating leads & promoting hotel reservation
  • Audits & verifications under Sales and Marketing
  • Maintaining Public Relations (PR)
These external companies allow independent hotels management to concentrate on other departments and let the revenue management department be handled under their consultancy. No matter what size your independent hotel is of, revenue management is an area which always enhances your sales and marketing position.

Rahul Verma @ ROOHI