Saturday, 26 November 2016


Basing on deep analysis and research, it has been shown that it does not need a lot of effort to understand the challenging amount of difficulties an independent hotel experience while trying to boost its sales. This issue does not come alone, since there are other components contributing to it, such as:
  • Customers Segmentation based on their profile – Can one independent hotel understand and accurately segment the guests’ profile?
  • Customer needs and satisfaction – Can they possess all necessary tools to survey and drew up results in terms of custom satisfaction level?
  • Costs versus revenues – Do they qualify in terms of financial management?
  • Channels of communication – How can an independent hotel market itself through different communication channels? Should a PR get hired? What would be the related costs and revenue on investment balance in terms of marketing expenses?
There are a lot of other challenges to be added to the list when you run an independent hotel that might be possibly working with your own staff and cannot add any more value to the hotel from the outside environment. From our wide research on the area there have been observations that being independent means being limited to the locale profile you are settled in, but in the meantime, it appears that it is commonly accepted that limitation is not doing any good to the hospitality business. As per experienced researches results, differentiation stands just into the “Value added services and Products”.
What does it mean to maintain an approach of collaboration with an outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy provider? - Upon our accurate observations, there seem to be no doubts; the representation and consultancy approach would answer and provide a solution to the majority of the questions listed at the very beginning of this blog.
An outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy provider is being considered as an experienced help that supports the expansion of the independent hotel sales force in order to acquire maximum potential, not only locally but as well on a countrywide basis. This expansion possibility and enhancement is sustained by the powerful strategies of an outsourced sales and marketing solution provider. Hospitality market in Mumbai and Pune contributes maximum share, yet is at cut throat competition as it is. Hospitality business entrepreneurs are expected to step out of their horizon and seek help from an outsourced companies and consultancy that is experienced in this area and as per our case studies, will help them in boosting sales.
Another strength evaluated is the fact that through its network of influence and connections, the outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy provider would achieve the top customers that cannot be reached through hotel’s own human resources and sales staff. This would mean the establishment of a proper balance of revenue regarding returns on the investment.
Working with an outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy professional must probably involve gaining from their mindset, acquired from previous experiences in the same area of expertise, but with different brands and cultures. It would mean avoiding extra expense on traveling for knowledge sharing that still wouldn’t be enough taking into consideration that it would be a single person experience. It has been shown in different articles from related professionals of this area that the dedicated team of an outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy provider would bring outside successful histories in your market and sales plan.
We have been looking for similar experiences throughout this specific industry portals and representatives experience sharing and the main results achieved success stories. Practically, once bringing it all together just by listing the benefits: sales, marketing, the sphere of influence and revenue; the positive impact and wide-open insight an outsourced hotel sales representation and consultancy provider delivers to the independent hotel entrepreneur and its management is remarkable.

Rahul Verma @ ROOHI

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